Health Concerns

Poker is a great way to have fun, be with people you like and is an opportunity to win big money and meet new friends. However, poker, if played continuously, can lead to a variety of health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Because poker is played sitting down for long periods of time and often snacking on high calorie food, it is important for poker players to move around now and then as they are playing to avoid such health concerns of being overweight, developing diabetes or heart concerns.

To ward off these health concerns, it is important to get regular exercise, eat healthy foods and develop some techniques like deep breathing to help combat the stress of the game. For many poker players, traveling is also a big part of the game. Eating healthy while on the road is important because it will keep your energy level high and keep your body and mind functioning at optimal performance; which you need when playing poker. You can also provide a boost to your health by taking some vitamins and supplements.

Another health concern that can occur when playing poker is taking drugs or supplements in order to stay awake and be competitive. Of course, this can lead to a drug problem and that can put a person at risk for possible side effects from drugs. In addition, poor circulation of your legs, feet and hips from sitting too long can also cause a health problem with your spine. It is important to note that sitting too long is bad for your posture because your muscles become stiff and weak.

To conclude, playing poker is great fun but it needs to be balanced with exercise, a well-balanced diet and effective ways to deal with the stress of the game.